Client Testimonial

Haitham Ahmed Belhasa

When I first met Aimee I was just looking to sharpen my focus and maybe lose a few pounds.  What I did not expect was to get so much enjoyment out of the process and felt totally better about myself in the bargain.  Aimee actually made me look forward to my gym visits, and progress with the routines became one of the goals and happy acheivements of my week.  I only have one complaint, shes leaving the UAE and I have to find a new trainer. Just when I was getting the hang of it! She will be a hard act to follow, and we’ll all miss her.

Good luck Aimee please come back and put us through out paces again some time.

Managing Director, 38, Belhasa International, Co.

Haitham Ahmed Belhasa personal training

Dubai, UAE, October 2010