Client Testimonial

Michael Alexander

I met Aimee in Dubai with these strange looking weights with handles on them which I have since learned are called kettle bells. I have been jogging for a long time and wanted a little more variation in my training schedule. I have done many types of fitness classes before but got bored quickly but I thought Aimee’s classes were the best I’ve done and even though I moaned my way through the toughness of every session I did. I will be extremely disappointed to see Aimee leave Dubai. Aimee was an excellent motivator, extremely particular about technique and learned quickly how much you like to push yourself and adjusted her targets/weights for you accordingly for each routine.

If you think your in for an easy work out with this lady then you are sadly mistaken!! Thank you and good luck.

Pilot, 40.

Michael Alexander personal training

Dubai UAE, October 2010