Client Testimonial

Krystyn Heaney

Aimee has a lovely personality and is able to build relationships with her clients easily and she is very professional in her work. We have developed a good rapport and I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Aimee.

Aimee applies excellent training methods and has a good focus on safety and the correct techniques in both personal training and kettle-bells, she also provides additional information related to training or nutrition that is valuable. She is well organised and timely with her work. Most importantly she provides genuine encouragement and interest, which is motivating.

I have really enjoyed training with Aimee and feel that I have achieved some positive outcomes in a very short time frame. I think Aimee is great, and will really miss her.

I wish Aimee well and I know she will be an asset where ever she chooses to work in the future.”

Krystyn Heaney personal training

Wellington, New Zealand, August 2011