Client Testimonial

Debbie Ayres

I have found Aimee to be an outstanding Personal Trainer. I had never thought Personal Trainers were of much use until I tried a special that was run by Aimee.

She pushed me out of my comfort zone & got the results we were both looking for, she introduced me to kettle bells & I’m not sure that’s a good thing, I have since continued with her doing the kettle bells alone & have hated/enjoyed each class.

I will miss her smiling face & encouragement around the gym. Without her extra training I would not have achieved finishing the Otago Rail Trail which I did without very much aching at the end of a days ride. If I felt I was flagging I imagined her shouting encouraging words at me, at least I believed they were encouraging words I could have been delirious by then. I wish her all the best for the future & feel that NZ lost a really good person not just a trainer. She also really enjoys home baking but she won’ be bribed to go easy on you.”

personal training

Wellington, New Zealand, May 2010