Client Testimonial

Chloe Smith

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to start kettlebell classes with Aimee about 6 months ago. In the class I have had the most fun and faced some of the toughest workouts I’ve ever had. I feel stronger, healthier and have toned up in all areas that I wanted to focus on because of her classes.

Aimee has always shown a high level of personal committment towards helping me reach my fitness goals that I hadn’t experienced with other PTs before. To me, it’s the small gestures which truly show the extent of Aimee’s caring and positive attitude – from weekly emails with the latest fitness theory and diet tips, personalised programmes to complement her classes to just knowing she’s a phone call, email or text away. Aimee has also given me the confidence and motivation to continue going to the gym by myself, using free weights and kettlebells to work out – something I thought I would always need to have a PT for. You will be greatly missed and always rememebred, Aimee. Best wishes!”

Town Planner, 24.

Chloe Smith personal training

Wellington, New Zealand, July 2011