Client Testimonial

Liz Trippett

I had weekly sessions with Aimee for two months and got so much out of working with her, it was fantastic.  I was terrified of getting bigger if I lifted weights but the opposite has happened!  I went from about 15% body fat to 10% in just 5 weeks and changed my shape in ways I hadn’t ever managed by myself.  I also learned a lot about nutrition, training and what suits my body.  I found Aimee really responsive to any problems I had or exercises I didn’t like, she was always happy to hear from me and adjust my programme or suggest different foods.  She really knows her stuff.  I’m looking forward to monthly sessions with her now to check my progress and adjust my programme so I don’t get bored and “plateau.”  I would absolutely recommend Aimee to anyone looking for a committed and knowledgeable trainer!”

Tonbridge, UK

Liz Trippett personal training