Accelerate your training and nutrition to leanness


  • Bi-Weekly fit3d body scan
  • 7 Diet plan
  • Up to 4 x weight training & HIIT outdoor bootcamps per week
  • Add on personal training sessions to lift heavy and accelerate results
Who is the programme suitable for?
  • All fitness levels! Because our programme is individualised, we have options for complete beginners as well as experienced gym goers.
  • All ages. Many of our clients are in their 50s and 60s – we cater for all
  • Non-running options.  Many home gym workouts rely solely on body weight exercises which means constant jumping and burphies which is detrimental to the joints.  For those who are new to training or suffer from knee, hip, back, or shoulder injuries, we have low impact options.
  • Those seeking fat loss and to change their body shape.
  • Unlike most online gym programmes, we also have options for clients looking to gain muscle.
  • Those looking for increased fitness
  • 6 week programme
  • Flexible start date
  • Expected weight loss of minimum 3kgs and 3% body fat reduction
  • All sessions take place at IPT Fitness training facilities in Eridge Green.
  • Class timetable can be found here 
  • Book now, spaces are limited
  • Terms and conditions apply (New clients only).

Check out some of our past real client results or click here to read our past client testimonials:

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